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We offer Multi-Unit discounts for K-9 Inspections. This is very useful for Hotels, Apartments, Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, Group Homes, Summer Camps, Dormitories, and any other transient home environments.

We can schedule an appointment to evaluate and give an estimate for inspections using "Our Sensor Bed Bug K9 Team". They are specially trained k('sthat only alerts to live Bed Bug Activity. By using their keen sense of smell they are able to more proficiently determine whether activity is present or absent.
 These dogs have been on numerous television shows over the years and have accomplished some amazing tasks.
How can a dog be trained to find Insects?  A dog's sense of smell is their main sense. We
as humans think in terms of vision because that is our main sense.
When you go home after work and there is spaghetti cooking and you open the door you smell the spaghetti however the dog smells all of the ingredients of that spaghetti seperately almost like a rainbow. We use non-intimidating dogs and they naturally love to hunt. They can get into tight areas and are easily groomed. The fact that they are cute is also nice.

I have completed thousands of inspections using dogs to find termites and bed bugs with amazing results throughout Georgia. By using the dog as a tool they can pinpoint the area of infestation so that we can eliminate the infestation with little or no pesticide depending on the findings. 

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    K9 Bed Bug Dogs
    This Is Abby. She loves work.
    Our Bed Bug Dogs love to work. Its like playing a game to them except they are very serious. They are very accurate due to the fine training and calibration of our Handler William Hudson and his 3 Dogs - Lilly, Aaron, and Abby.
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    Thermal Remediation
    Electric Heat
    Our Thermal Remediation Units have a built in Generator that supplies the power for the Electric Heaters.
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    Bed Setup
    We use Fans to Force Heat
    We set the Beds up similar to a tent and force Heat using Fans into the cloth and Bed Areas. Bed Bugs can not withstand temperatures above 118 degrees. We heat at 130 to 135 degrees and hold it for 3-4 hours.
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    Multi-Unit K9 Sweeps
    We Charge by the Unit
    You can hire our K9 team to do multiple units such as Highrise Apts or Hotels. Assisted Living or Nursing Homes. Duplexes Or Condos. Any high risk multi unit property can save money by catching them before they spread to other units.

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Bed Bug Bite Symptoms

While some people might have no reaction to bed bug bites, most people experience some sort of an allergic reaction. Bed bug symptoms can vary depending on the severity of the bite, the number of bites and the persons skin sensitivity. Normally, when a bed bug bites, it injects some saliva inside the skin. It is the bed bug saliva that can trigger a response from the immune system, thereby causing the region to get itchy, red, and swelled up. Bed bug bites may also be aligned or grouped together in a particular region, mostly along the edge of the exposed skin.
The reaction to the bites can occur instantly, but in rare cases, it might take up to two weeks to show. While bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases, they can cause other physical and psychological discomfort.
The bites are also very itchy if an allergic reaction occurs, producing a sensation of burning in the region where the bite took place (similar to a mosquito bite). Scratching this area may cause further swelling and even bleeding in some cases, so it is advisable to refrain from scratching your skin. Using an anti-itch cream will decrease the itchiness and help get rid of bed bug bite marks quicker. You will not feel anything at the time you are being bitten, since the bed bugs put a little anesthesia in your body before they bite you.

Aaron the Bed Bug Dog during a Practice Session

Good News About Bed Bug Bites !

Before we get into detail about bed bug bites here is the good news about bed bug bites that should help ease the stress associated with bed bugs
Bed big bites are not poisonous
You do not have to see a doctor if you have known bed bug bites
Bed bug bites do not transfer diseases such as aids, fever, malaria, etc.
Itchiness from bed bug bites can be controlled with anti-itch creams and other over-the-counter medications.
Our bed bug experts at Clark Pest Remedy are on call and ready to solve your bed bug problem immediately!

Bed Bug Infestations Have Nothing To Do With Sanitary Conditions!

First things first: it should be clarified that bed bugs infestations have nothing to do with sanitary conditions and cleanliness of a residence. As such, regardless of how clean or messy your household may be, it doesn’t really have any role in inviting or keeping out the bed bugs. These nasty pests are actually human blood suckers that go far and wide in search for quenching their bloodlust. They make their way into your home with a plan, which they execute to perfection.